Wolveridge Architects team photo

The practice is enriched by the employment of architects from diverse cultural backgrounds who share a broad educational and practical experience. We think this contributes to the quality of our design projects and, over the years has informed and contributed to the streamlining of processes via the sharing of ideas.

The United Tannery and Boot Factory is a refurbished Victorian era industrial building in Collingwood, in inner Melbourne’s industrial precinct and is our studio. The environment is contained within a large open plan square floor plate defined by a service pod which sits within the space. This is a terrific and encouraging workplace and a haven for our Clients.

We maintain staff levels of 9-10 total employees at Wolveridge Architects and have resisted opportunities for growth in the past to retain a consistent focus on design at all levels within the practice. The practice has remained this size in terms of employee numbers since its very early days and, by keeping the practice size concise, we can be adaptable and flexible for our Client’s project needs. The available level of resource has proven to be suitable for larger projects where an effective team can be established, or, alternatively, for numerous smaller projects where the director and one staff member may collaborate.

The company structure is simple. The Director, Jerry Wolveridge and our Associates Will Smart and Ricky Booth are responsible for dealing with new work enquiries, leading the design process, establishing project teams and remaining a constant and leading role in all stages of the project and, importantly, remaining in close contact with the Client.

The office members have a reputation for being effective team players.

If you are interested in joining the practice, candidates are required to demonstrate a reasonable background in the use of ArchiCAD.  Please submit low res examples of your portfolio and work history by email.