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Wolveridge Architects offers a range of consulting design and delivery related services.  Our professional capability encompasses the procurement of building projects from the inception of an idea, through the design and planning phases, administering contract works and final handover to the Client.

Flexibility remains a key to the success of the practice.  With the end result in mind, Wolveridge Architects work in with the requirements of the Client group to ensure the necessary services are tailored and provided to each project.  This might include the simple preparation of a concept, a full commission or somewhere in between.

A range of professional services we provide are outlined below:


  • Architecture

  • Masterplanning

  • Interior and Fitout design

  • Preparation of Client Furniture packages

  • Custom Furniture and Product Design


  • Tender and Contract Administration services

  • Project Management

  • Construction Management


Wolveridge Architects have developed an industry reputation for a Client focused design service that is based on listening, creative aptitude and a highly considered technical response. Separate to the physical end product, we acknowledge the process in reaching that point, must be centred around a shared goal throughout the project team. We also acknowledge our role in the project team and more often than not, in our commissions, that the Architect is responsible for driving the aspirations of the Client.

In his capacity as Director, and in consideration of the firm’s extent of high net worth Clients, Jerry Wolveridge has had a hands on experience in dealing with some of Australia’s leading CEOs in realising their private projects. The collective time spent in dealing with such Clients on a one on one basis has contributed to the ethos of personal service that the practice is built around, regardless of the scale of the project, whether a small fitout, renovation or new home.

Wolveridge Architects employs the same level of personal consideration to its extensive list of developer and land owner clients.

At a personal level, the following points are key factors contributing to the manner in which Wolveridge Architects delivers their projects:

  • Maintaining a friendly and reassuring environment for the Client and Project Team throughout the process

  • Remaining flexible, acknowledging all projects and Clients are different, therefore requiring customised scopes of service and deliverables to suit their needs

  • Being available, prompt and courteous

  • We strive to affirm our capability to deliver complex projects in efficient time frames and reasonable budgets

  • Hands on approach. Wolveridge Architects maintain a pragmatic approach to running our projects. Over the years we have designed numerous projects for builders and subcontractors, which we think is a measure of our practicality and understanding of how projects are constructed


Wolveridge Architects uses ArchiCAD BIM solid modelling computer software.  ArchiCAD is a world benchmark in architectural design and documentation.  We model all projects including structural elements to avoid conflicts and ensure their co-ordination with services and building elements. 

All staff members of Wolveridge Architects have brought their previous ArchiCAD experience to the office, and contribute to the ongoing evolution of the project documentation process.

The modelling process is also most informative for those Clients not experienced in reading 2 dimensional drawings.  As part of our standard project services, at key stages of the project including the schematic design stage, we provide our Clients with a 3D model using an easy to use virtual explorer app. The electronic 3D format can be easily explored on our Client’s home computers or iPad at their leisure.  

We have found that this tool has provided the medium from which constructive commentary can occur, enabling the Client to informatively understand the project and contribute meaningfully to the design process. The same file is provided to Contractors and Consultants.

Working drawings are also prepared using the latest version of ArchiCAD. We have a project template which is consistently being updated and attuned to developments in the software.